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Zaterdag 12 & zondag 13 maart 2016


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Amiac 2015 AquaMarathon - MARTINE
Amiac 2015 AquaMarathon - ANDREA
Amiac 2015 AquaMarathon - CARINE
Amiac 2015 AquaMarathon - WIM
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Leer van de beste instructeurs.

Mark Grevelding

Mark Grevelding (USA)

Mark Grevelding participeert tijdens de gratis aquamarathon, geeft 1 workshop op zaterdag en 2 masterclasses op zondag:

  • Workshop: Aqua Choreography Mastery
    This workshop highlights the essential ingredients and teaching methods for instructing engaging and exciting aquatic fitness choreography. Understand the base moves and how to create endless variations of these moves using changes in arm patterns, travel, direction, impact level and tempo. Discover how to design routines that flawlessly match movement to music and then learn various choreography styles to instruct these seamless routines. - Equipment: none
  • Masterclass: Deep HIIT Mixes
    This master class features a variety of creative ways to mix up work and recovery cycles while maintaining the anaerobic challenge of HIIT programming. Discover how to create intense drills and skills for deep water by pairing up cardio, core, kickboxing, calisthenics, jogging, wall exercises and more. - Equipment: flotation belts
  • Masterclass: Noodle Cardio Core Mixes
    Looking for some noodle ideas? Look no further. Noodle Cardio Core Mixes combines noodle cardio choreography with athletic core training. Start the workout with a high-energy aerobic routine using noodles for upper body resistance and then challenge your students with reclined, suspended, side-lying, prone and kneeling exercises that are designed to force more from the core. - Equipment: Noodles
  • Biography
    Based in Florida, Mark Grevelding is a training specialist and consultant for the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA). He is an international presenter and a continuing education provider for various fitness organizations in the USA. Mark is the founder of Fitmotivation, an online resource for aquatic fitness professionals that features steaming videos, audio pool workouts and more.
Andrea Gilardoni

Andrea Gilardoni (ITA)

Andrea Gilardoni (Italië) participeert tijdens de gratis aquamarathon, geeft 1 workshop op zaterdag en 2 masterclasses op zondag:

  • Workshop: AquaBike Interval
    A combination of cardiovascular training on the waterbike and toning of the upper body.
  • Masterclass: AquaBike
    Enjoy the cardiovascular training on the waterbike.
  • Masterclass: Enjoy & Fight (Aqua Combat)
    Kick box choreography to improve strength and condotion!

Brazilie / Portugal
Flavia Yazigi (BR/PT)

Flavia Yazigi (BR/PT)

Flavia is a professor at the University of Lisbon and is a member of the AEA’s Research Committee (Award IAFC 2011), being AEA Training Specialist for the last 15 yrs. She has a Ph.D. in Physical Activity and Health and a Master Science in Exercise and Health. She believes that the secret for a success for an aquatic workout is the fusion between scientific research, methods and strategies to attend exercise prescription goals.

  • Workshop: How to create a class for seniors
    This session will teach step by step how to design and lead an aquatic program for elderly adults and help to select strategies to lead a successful class for this populations.
  • Masterclass: Aqua Noodle Interval
    This mastercalss will be an example of how to work a High Intensity interval training with noodles.
Aqua & Move MasterTrainer
Carine Van den Berghe

Carine Van den Berghe / Wim Van Lancker (BEL)

  • Masterclass: Bootcamp
    Pittige intervaltraining! Carine geeft een cardiovasculaire workout en Wim traint je buik-, rug-, been- en armspieren.


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